The article authors have been acquainted the room regarding earlier in the day really works over which have migrant women pros regarding the FTZ

The article authors have been acquainted the room regarding earlier in the day really works over which have migrant women pros regarding the FTZ

A keen FTZ from the Western Province, nearby the financial investment, Colombo, in the Sri Lanka, are chosen to possess employment of members to this investigation. Purposive testing are selected to achieve some attitudes. Brand new expectations getting contribution is ‘becoming men and dealing or living in new FTZ area’. To make sure shot type, the original author, including research assistant, employed players away from other web sites and you may organisations found in the area of your FTZ, plus non-political companies (NGOs) dealing with migrant feminine workers’ liberties, shop, restaurants, businesses, and you can production facilities. The study assistants was two male Sri Lankan personal science college students who had been particularly trained in employment, choosing, transcription together with interpretation of information. To help maximise the adaptation out of perceptions we employed one another hitched and you may unmarried guys, including dudes doing work often inside or outside the factory city. To try to get (18) guys was in fact contacted and all sorts of wanted to participate following obtaining of its advised concur.

Brand new performing guys all spoke Sinhala and you may was basically old between 21 and you may 53 many years. Four dudes came from the newest FTZ area while the sleep got migrated for the FTZ from other places and you may towns from the country. The newest guys was in fact between 21 and you may 53 years of age. New half a dozen players aged 24 decades and you will below was indeed unmarried, and kept several have been aged 25 years or maybe more had been married (9), single (2) and you will separated (1).

Data range and you will approaching

Semi-prepared, personal interview have been presented during 2009 by the first journalist and you can a study assistant. A great thematic interviews publication was applied as well as the participants was basically expected supply its thinking concerning: alterations in a beneficial female’s life immediately after visiting brand new FTZ, relationships between women and men throughout the FTZ, a suitable people and you will lady, premarital sexual relationship throughout the FTZ, possible outcomes out of unprotected sex, and men’s room and you can ladies’ knowledge of sexual and you can reproductive health. The latest interviews occurred inside confidentiality from inside the English (4) otherwise Sinhala (14) as per the participants’ taste. The interviews had a conversational concept additionally the people was advised to speak easily and you can reflect on the provided information . Probing is actually completed to explain and you may grow about what is said. Following interviews, the original author in addition to browse assistant reflected for the stuff together with concept of new thinking of new member. This new interview was recording-submitted, transcribed from inside the Sinhala, interpreted to your English because of the you to definitely research secretary and you may checked having accuracy because of the another type of. Brand new interview lasted 30 to help you 90 moments. Study collection is actually stopped once 18 interviews because they provided steeped and more information towards search concern and it also are assented your level of investigation try sufficient to your organized data.


Thematic study is actually functioning as it is a systematic yet flexible means for distinguishing, examining and reporting models off meaning inside the study. I analysed the information and knowledge inductively, finding their underlying definitions. The study inside it constant readings of whole dataset and personality of information extracts that are myself coded pieces of information relevant towards study aim. A good example of new coding processes are exhibited inside Table 1. The new codes was following collated and you will organised into the themes hence constituted important models along the dataset. The process involved an excellent reflexive straight back-and-ahead path between your whole dataset, studies components and original templates. Normal conversations for the multidisciplinary Swedish-Sri Lankan look people allowed a common skills and you can considering foundation to your development of new layouts. Eventually, the layouts have been compared to the details ingredients and with the whole dataset and you may slight customizations have been made. Whenever templates representing designs according to research by the hidden meaning of the studies ended up being molded (get a hold of Dining table step one), the benefits and greater definitions was indeed theorized and you may interpreted when you look at the family relations so you’re able to present literary works, due to the fact found in the Discussion point.


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